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Roll Of Honour

Year Championship Rider
2013 YPM Champion Dean Stimpson
2013 YPM Runner Up Ben Miles
2013 YPM 3rd Doug Edmonson
2013 Paul Hogan Trophy Dean Stimpson
2013 Danny Whalin Trophy Ben Miles
2013 Clubman Cup Richard Sawyer
2013 Clubman Runner Up Paul Whitby
2013 Clubman 3rd Paul Bowling
2013 Rookie Cup Matt Barber
2013 Rookie Runner Up Peter Moore
2013 Rookie 3rd Howard Priestley
2013 Danny Whalin Riders Award Kev Higerty
2012 YPM Champion Graham Higlett
2012 YPM Runner Up Stephen King
2012 YPM Third Pat Herron
2012 Paul Hogan Trophy Ben Miles
2012 Danny Whalin Trophy Ben Miles
2012 Clubman Cup Doug Edmondson
2012 Best Rookie Richard Barber
2012 Danny Whalin Riders Award Kevin Marshall
2012 Most Improved Rider Tony Hoare
2012 Crasher Of The Year James Sharpe
2012 Bike Of The Year Andy Davies
2012 Marshals' Rider Of The Year Tony Hoare
2011 YPM Champion Mike Smith
2011 YPM Runner Up Pete Fishwick
2011 YPM Third Graham Higlett
2011 Paul Hogan Trophy Mike Smith
2011 Danny Whalin Trophy Pete Fishwick
2011 Clubman Cup Stephen King
2011 Best Rookie Paul Toland
2011 Danny Whalin Riders Award Neil Hesman
2011 Crasher Of The Year Ben Miles
2011 Bike Of The Year Paul Toland
2011 Riders Rider Of The Year Pete Fishwick
2010 YPM Champion Mike Smith
2010 YPM Runner Up Pete Fishwick
2010 YPM Third Jamie Cooper
2010 Paul Hogan Trophy Pete Fishwick
2010 Danny Whalin Trophy Mike Smith
2010 Clubman Cup Chris Newbigging
2010 Best Rookie Marc Prentice
2010 Danny Whalin Riders Award Tony Hoare
2010 Crasher Of The Year Marc Prentice
2010 Bike Of The Year Steve Higgerty
2010 Riders Rider Of The Year Mike Smith
2009 YPM Champion Pat Herron
2009 YPM Runner Up Mike Smith
2009 YPM Third Dan Wright
2009 Paul Hogan Trophy Pat Herron
2009 Danny Whalin Trophy Pat Herron
2009 Best Rookie Tom Dyke
2009 Danny Whalin Riders Award Ken Lawrence
2009 Steelie Tour Winner Pat Herron
2009 TZR Tour Winner Dan Wright
2009 Crasher Of The Year Tom Dyke
2009 Bike Of The Year Spencer Reeves
2009 Riders Rider Of The Year Mike Smith
2008 YPM Champion Mark Hardy
2008 YPM Runner Up Tyler Bacon
2008 YPM Third Keith Roissetter
2008 Paul Hogan Trophy Mike Smith
2008 Danny Whalin Trophy Tyler Bacon
2008 Best Rookie John Parbury
2008 Danny Whalin Riders Award Gary Button
2008 Crasher Of The Year Ross Barnes
2008 Bike Of The Year Paul Norris
2008 Riders Rider Of The Year Mark Hardy
2007 YPM Champion Andy Ball
2007 YPM Runner Up Pat Herron
2007 YPM Third Mark Parbury
2007 Paul Hogan Trophy Mike Smith
2007 Danny Whalin Trophy Mike Smith
2007 Best Rookie Andy Muse
2007 Danny Whalin Riders Award Keith Roissetter
2007 Crasher Of The Year Harry McCulloch
2007 Bike Of The Year Barry Negus
2006 YPM Champion Tyler Bacon
2006 YPM Runner Up Doug Howell
2006 YPM Third Pat Herron
2006 Paul Hogan Trophy Doug Howell
2006 Danny Whalin Trophy David Hallet
2006 Best Rookie Anthony Johnson
2006 Danny Whalin Riders Award Pete Fishwick
2006 Crasher Of The Year Gary Button
2005 YPM Champion Rik Ballerini
2005 YPM Runner Up David Hallet
2005 YPM Third Darren Mowat
2005 Paul Hogan Trophy Rik Ballerini
2005 Danny Whalin Trophy Lee Finney
2005 Best Rookie Adam Cole
2005 Danny Whalin Riders Award George Watson
2005 Crasher Of The Year Andy Ball
2004 YPM Champion Jon Puk
2004 YPM Runner Up Pete Fishwick
2004 YPM Third Wayne Bullen
2004 Paul Hogan Trophy Andy Ball
2004 Best Rookie Dan Wright
2004 Danny Whalin Riders Award Darren Mowat
2004 Crasher Of The Year Keith Roissetter
2003 YPM Champion Tony Rand
2003 YPM Runner Up Jon Puk
2003 YPM Third Andy Ball
2003 Paul Hogan Trophy Tony Rand
2003 Danny Whalin Riders Award Len Whalin
2002 YPM Champion Simon Tomlinson
2002 YPM Runner Up Tony Rand
2002 YPM Third Justin Rose
2002 Paul Hogan Trophy Justin Rose
2001 YPM Champion Pat Herron
2001 YPM Runner Up Simon Tomlinson
2001 YPM Third John Parrot
2000 YPM Champion Toby Summers
2000 YPM Runner Up Martin Radcliffe
2000 YPM Third Dave Brooks
2000 TZR250 Class Winner Martin Radcliffe
2000 LC250 Class Winner Ron Fry