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YPM Championships

We have 3 seperate championships that run for each season.

YPM National - All riders are eligiable regardless of other championship status.

YPM Clubman - Riders who hold an ACU clubman licence and are not eligiable for a National licence at the start of the season are eligiable. A 105% rule applies to the finishing times which differes from the ACU's 110% to allow more riders to be eligiable.

YPM Rookie - Riders who have never raced before the start of the season. A rider is allowed to compete in 2 meetings prior to the season start to allow for club bike and taster meetings.

So in a nutshell, everyone who is on the grid is in the main YPM championship. If you are classed as a rookie then you are also scoring points in that championship as well. The same if you are classed as a clubman. If you are eligiable for an ACU national licence but dont apply for it you are still classed as a national rider.

The general progression is you start your racing career with us as a rookie. The next season you compete in the clubman championship. From then on you either stay in the clubman championship or if you are finishing high enough you only compete for the National one.