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Club Bike Testimonials

Paul Middleton - Snetterton 2015

I don’t think I could have had a better introduction to motorbike racing. The YPM lads were superb. They put my nerves at ease, offered some very useful advice and made the whole weekend a great experience. I learned so much and would recommend the rentaracer to anyone looking to start racing. It makes what could be quite a complicated, stressful challenge very straightforward. The racing is great too. It’s very close, very competitive, but also extremely friendly. I bought a YPM race bike shortly afterwards. Nuff said.

Rob Davie - Cadwell Park - 2015

I did the YPM club bike at Cadwell and thought it was brilliant. Despite the weather (don't let that put you off - wets are better than you could possibly imagine) I had a great time - the bike was spot on, the YPM family welcoming and it really does give you a proper insight in to club racing and what it takes. Special mention to Trev, Tony, Kev and Billy for all the help and advice but a big thanks to everyone who helped out, gave advice, stopped for a chat and took the piss.

Andy Burscough - Pembrey - 2015

After 4 years of track days I decided to take the plunge and get back into racing so got in contact with Trevor who couldn't have been more helpful in sorting out the club bike for the Pembrey round. The weekend went great with tips, banter and good dices with the ypmer's. The bike ran well with Den Grant keeping a close eye on everything and making my weekend as stress free and enjoyable as he could. After the weekend I decided I had to get a TZR and hope to be on the grid for a few rounds next year so thanks to all that made it a fantastic experience.

Alan Naylor - Cadwell Park - 2014

Well what can I say about the TZR rentaracer experience. I turned up Friday morning to be greeted by the club members who were very helpful and raring to go. I was introduced to the bike and as I had no idea about two strokes was a quick learning curve. The team were superb all weekend and I was treated like rossi and the bike was looked after by all the club members all weekend and I could not of been more welcome. I left the race weekend with a large smile and I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the bike so much I am looking to purchase a bike over the winter period

Keith Cotgrove - Snetterton - 2014

I can sum up the YPM experience at Snetterton very easily. As an older motorcyclist I wasn't sure how I would be accepted. No worries, the most friendly bunch of people I have ever come across in the motorcycling world. Riding bikes that ooze character, cheapish to run and incredibly exciting to be on. The support by Kevin Marshall (who looks after the club bike) when I really needed it was fantastic. A true gent. Will I be racing YPM next year. I really hope so.

Adrian Byrne - Brands Hatch - 2013

Having done a fair few track days, I wanted to try the real thing and, having owned 2 strokes in the past, thought a TZR would be fun. Kev and Ade were fantastic, with hints and tips and sett mind at ease for my first ever race at a wet Brands Indy.

I would recommend trying the YPM Club bike to anybody who is interested in racing but not sure what to expect. It is a great intro. Even better is the atmosphere and comraderie within the paddock. Don't put it off any longer! Give it a go!

Cheers Adrian

Michael Stanley - Cadwell Park - 2013

After doing a couple of track days I was hooked and was looking for a way to try racing. The YPM club bike was recommended by a friend who had tried it and now races for YPM. I thought it would be good to try and I may meet a couple of guys to get some advice for progressing. After turning up to Cadwell I instantly felt part of the YPM family and was overwhelmed by how friendly and genuine people were. Everyone just wanted to help and make sure I had a good time. Kev was looking after me and couldn't do enough to make me feel welcome and calm.

After a warm welcome it was time to ride. Kev and Ade took care of the bike and guided me through the weekend. These guys made the process run like clock work and allowed me to learn in a stress free environment. The beastly #100 club bike was a dream to ride around the famous Cadwell. It pulled like a train and felt so nimble and light allowing me improve my style and times throughout the weekend. The racing was competitive but an element of respect was present allowing everyone to enjoy their weekend.

I genuinely cannot recommend YPM any more. If you want to start racing on a budget this is the place to go. I initially thought about the 400's but YPM has changed my mind. Great people and fantastic racing!

Mark Ellery - Oulton - 2012

Many thanks to the club for letting me have a go at Oulton. In some ways it was very good that we got a dry and a wet race so I got the whole experience. As for feedback. You have great community spirit in the club and I think I lost count of the people who stopped to say Hi.

Bemsee and the paperwork side was spot on. Signing on was easy, and the only thing that caught me out was being in a different grid position for the second race! But the way they check you in to the assembly area means that you don't end up in the wrong spot.

Adrian and Kev did you proud, took good care of me and the bike. The bike had a weeping oil seal where the clutch cable goes in to the case which was sorted quickly. Road shift was a good idea as most novices will be happier rather than race pattern. I've ridden too long with road pattern to change now! The only two suggestions for change are the seat and peg heights. If it was my bike I would raise the seat and pegs away from the tarmac. Neither the seat height or pegs caused an issue (although my feet and pegs were touching down too easily) but they might for the next guy.

I hope to be racing out with you next year so I think you can chalk that down as a success! Best of luck with the next person.

Tim Moore - Snetterton 200 - 2012

I experienced the YPM club bike not as a complete novice but a fairly new club racer. Having trashed my SV650 Minitwin at Brands Hatch and taken months to rebuild it, I was looking at coming back on a different bike but I didn't want to make an expensive mistake. The chance of a 'try before you buy' weekend on the YPM club TZR250 was too good to pass up, so I made sure that I got in quick. As it happens, I was just in time as several other potential riders were too late and missed out on this occasion (sorry guys). Already having an ACU licence helped the process but getting booked up and sorting out the entry was made very easy by the YPM club and contact with Bemsee was straightforward. In fact, you could say that it went like a well-oiled machine.

I was due to ride the bike at the Bemsee Snetterton 200 meeting and on the run up to the day I was given all the information I needed plus had all of my own questions quickly answered. I took advantage of the Bemsee rider instruction scheme and was duly booked in with one of the experienced TZR riders for the whole of the Friday test day if I needed it (I definitely did!).

At the circuit, I was met by the guys who would be looking after the bike and could see immediately that it was a 'good un'. I was also struck straight away by the camaraderie and genuine friendliness in the YPM paddock. This continued to be evident all through the weekend, even whilst fierce competition was underway out on track. Whenever a bike had a problem or just needed to go faster, many hands made light work as fellow riders, helpers and assorted hangers-on got stuck in to make sure the rider got back out on the grid.

Riding the YPM club TZR was so much fun that I knew within a couple of laps this was what I would be doing as soon as I could get my hands on one of my own. Any minor issues that came up with the bike during the weekend were quickly sorted and my own feedback was taken on board. Everything was taken care of, all I had to do was swing my leg over the saddle and ride the bike. Out on track the YPM club bike proved to be fast, no make that very fast which was dead handy for me as there is a long back straight at Snetterton where I could make up the time I was losing due to my many mistakes through the bends and get back in the mix. In the end, I felt like I had did OK and had a few good battles on track where no quarter was asked or given, club bike or no club bike!

The track instruction was very useful and well delivered. Kev's assessment that 'balls of steel' were required to go quick at Snetterton was spot on and hopefully, I will have developed a pair next time I go there!

Nevertheless, I did enjoy a few nice tussles during the races. Of course having a faster bike helped although, I must say I felt a little guilty (not too much ) as I flew past on the straights every time.

The YPM club bike really is a fantastic way to introduce people to the delights of two-stroke racing or bike racing in general and the whole atmosphere generated by the YPMers just adds to the whole experience. I did every lap available over the weekend and I'm well aware of the costs involved in racing so can say that it's great value for money. I've now brought my own race-ready TZR and will be lining up on the grid next season, I can't wait!

As a result of a great experience, I'm making plans to join you all next year.

Matt Barber - Brands GP - 2012

The people of YPMRC made my weekend. Absolutely incredible couple of days. I must of been there no longer than 5 minutes on Friday before I had people introducing themselves and wishing me a good weekend. True bunch of stand up blokes, thanks for looking after me and the bike.

Kev 'Dad' Marshall seems to be made of Iron Girders or similar

True words Higgsy. A massive thank you to Kev who even after having his arm strapped up and his bike in bits, continued to put me and the bike first to get me back on circuit. Cannot thank Kev and Ady enough. Also a massive thank you to everyone who got #100 back together for me after I dropped it.

I'm still buzzing from my first race weekend and I've already been caught at work scouring the internet to find myself a race bike for next season! Me, my Dad and even my MUM had a really great couple of days.

Thanks everyone! I'll be seeing you at Cadders.

Matt Barber

Steve Cullen - Cadwell Park - 2012

It was the best weekends racing i've had in nearly 10 years of racing.(i've been riding the wrong type of bikes for the last 10 years)

thanks to trevor for sorting it,and kev and ady for looking after the bike and me so well(sorry i d'ont talk much,i will when i,m racing next time) thanks to every body who said hello and welcome.

if you are reading this and thinking of doing it, GET IT BOOKED, before further word gets out,and the bike will be booked non stop.

the bike is more than capable of good results,and the whole experience is not some watered down track day thing,but the full on racing experience.

if like me you thought 2 strokes were smelly/dirty/noisey things to ride,then your right,but f$&k me their 10 times more fun

thanks again to everybody,and i will see you on the track when i get a bike.


Keith Shepherd - Cadwell Park - 2012

Managed to shoehorn myself onto the little 250 and had a superb weekend of racing.

The YPM guys have done an awesome job in putting this bike together and offering such a great package. I was amazed at just how competitive YPM is as a class. Thankfully, we got 4 dry races in so lap times were always improving and racing was close. Managed 1,48.2 by the last race, so knocked 4 seconds off from qualifying to the last race. Safe to say my minitwin felt alien when out on track yesterday!

Thanks to Kevin Marshall and Adrian Groves for looking after me for the 3 days, and the great battles on track. Must thank Pete (Fish) for letting me loose on the TZR and all the YPM racers for putting up with my awful race starts and on track shenanigans. What can I say, I'm used to a lazy diesel twin..

Look forward to getting along to another Bemsee meeting soon and catching up with everyone in the paddock.